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Behmor 5400 Drum Coffee Roaster Review

Behmor 5400 Drum Coffee Roaster Review

Behmor 5400 drum coffee roaster review… The Behmor 5400 is advertised as a customizable drum coffee roaster. That statement alone gives you two important things to note about this coffee-related appliance: one, that it’s a drum-type coffee roaster, and two, that it’s customizable.

What’s a drum roaster?

For starters, it’s one of the few types of roasters available commercially. During the drum roasting process, a rotating drum is heated through an external flame, which indirectly roasts the beans inside.

It’s important to note that during this process, the beans never come into direct contact with the flame. Also, the beans are roasted in a slow and more gentle procedure than other types of roasters such as with air roasters.

Now, back to the Behmor 5400. Is it worth it? Let’s find out what previous buyers have to say about their unit in this Behmor 5400 drum coffee roaster review.

Key Features of the Behmor 5400 Customizable Roaster

Here’s what to expect with the Behmor 5400 coffee roaster.

Up to 1 Lb.

You can choose to roast up to 1 lb. of green beans. As advertised, this 1-lb. capacity is the largest that a home roaster can roast.


The Behmor is super easy to use because of its control panel, which is conveniently located on the side. Above the controls is an LCD display.

Although the panel is not touch-control, the buttons are easy to press, and it gives you several functionalities to ensure that the resulting roast will satisfy your preference.

What are the functions and buttons to expect?

  • Roast weight. You can choose from three options: 1/4, 1/2, and 1 lb.
  • Programs. Use this button to change the length of the profiles.
  • Time Increment. You can use either the “-” or the “+” button to add or subtract time on the roast programs during the roasting process.
  • Profiles. You can choose from 5 options, from First Crack to Full City profiles.
  • Light. Press this button to activate or deactivate the light function.
  • Cool. This button stops the roasting process and starts the colling process.
  • Start. This button is used to activate and start a roasting cycle.

Here’s a note to consider.

There are two types of cooling cycle programs – manual and automatic. When a roasting cycle countdown reaches 00:00, the Automatic cooling cycle starts. The Manual cooling cycle is achieved when you use and press the “Cool” button to end the roasting process to cool the beans down.


There are three main parts of the Behmor 5400 – the roaster, the roasting drum, and the chaff tray (with a handle).

The roasting drum easily opens at one end. Each of the ends also has pegs that help fit and secure the drum into the roaster. The chaff tray is meant to collect chaff that may fall from the drum. In other words, it also serves as a “dust pan.”

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 10.25 inches
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Not intended to roast Vienna, French, Italian or darker beans

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Consumer Feedback: Behmor 5400 Drum Coffee Roaster Review

What do previous buyers said about their Behmor 5400 coffee roaster? Here are some pros and cons, as summarized from consumer feedback posted on a popular online retailer.

Here are some positive feedback given by buyers.


The feedback is conflicting, but the general consensus is that at second crack, you’ll notice “quite a bit of smoke.” Plus, the smell of freshly roasted coffee is also noticeable. Some people don’t mind any of these, but if you do, it’s wise to roast outdoors, or with the range hood on.

Roast Profile

As one person has noticed, roasting less than 1 pound of beans result in a significantly darker roast profile than when maximizing the 1-pound capacity of the roasting drum.

Some people prefer their beans to be on the darker side, so it’s best to roast a smaller amount of coffee beans if you want to achieve this.

Take note, however, that as clearly mentioned by Behmor, the Behmor 5400 is not intended to roast Vienna, French, Italian or darker beans.

Roasting Other Beans

Can you roast non-coffee beans?

Apparently, you can. Some buyers have successfully used their Behmor 5400 to roast almonds, peanuts, cocoa beans, and cashews. One user even said that he uses this drum roaster to roast pumpkin seeds.

However, as the manufacturers have said, using the Behmor roaster for non-coffee beans is discouraged so as not to void the warranty.

Life Span

It appears, based on the feedback and comments of previous buyers, that the Behmor 5400 lasts a long time. The buyers have provided different feedback, but a lot of them said that they’ve had their unit for at least 6 years. A few of them even said that they haven’t experienced any issues within that time span.


This customizable drum coffee roaster’s pre-set programs are a big plus. They make the roasting process so much easier, especially when you’re a beginner.

And since they’re customizable, you can always re-adjust the pre-sets to suit your preferences anytime during the roasting process.


  • One person said that smaller beans can still be caught in the wire of the roasting drum, and even under the fins.
  • There may be a learning curve, so if you’re a beginner, you must commit some time to learn how to roast coffee beans to suit your preference or achieve a roast profile that you like.

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Our Recommendation: Behmor 5400 Drum Coffee Roaster Review

Should you get a Behmor 5400 for yourself? To end this Behmor 5400 drum coffee roaster review, here’s our recommendation.

Purchase the Behmor 5400 with the expectation that you may commit some time or even “waste a few pounds of green beans” before you learn how to properly use it and achieve the roast profile that you want.

Alternatives to the Behmor 5400

Here are three options to choose from.