Best Cafe Mascot and Coffee Costumes for Sale

Best Cafe Mascot

In need of the best cafe mascot? Or perhaps you’re looking for some coffee costumes for sale? Here, let’s give you some. Most of the mascots come in a coffee cup design, and some of them bear the name of your favorite coffeehouse such as Costa and Gloria Jeans.

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Best Cafe Mascot: Costa Coffee Cup by OISK

If you’re from the UK, then you’ll probably prefer Costa anytime. Note that this is made especially for adults. As advertised, this cafe mascot is made from foam, but overall, it should be lightweight.

How much does it weigh? According to the manufacture, this costume weighs about 8 to 11 pounds. When you wear this costume, your face is not visible, but there are holes for your eyes and nose so you can see and breathe easily.

Ohlees KFC Mcdonald’s Coffee Cup Mascot

You can’t mistake this mascot for anything else. Aside from its coffee brown color, it has the word “McCafe” written in front. Look closer at the image and you should see an opening that exposes a part of your face. Also, this opening should not make it difficult to breathe or see.

As advertised, this coffee cup mascot is three different materials. For the head, it’s made of foam. The lining is polyester taffeta, and the filling is polypropylene cotton.

Coffee Bean Mascot

We must admit, this mascot is one weird-looking coffee bean. But hey, if you’d like to grab some attention, this can easily do the trick. Just look at the googley eyes and that weird one-toothed grin!

Pink Coffee Milk Mascot

Not every coffee-based product is brown, right? So if you’re looking for another color, pink in particular, you’ll definitely love this coffee milk mascot. Compared with the coffee bean mascot we previously featured, this one has a nice and sweet smile. Look, the shoes and gloves are also pink!

Red Cup Coffee Cup Mascot

Want to stand out in the crowd? Wear something red and friendly, like this red cup coffee cup mascot. This is made of super soft foam, and it’s available in three sizes: S, M, L.