Best Coffee Grinder Cleaner (Tablets), Top Picks

Best Coffee Grinder Cleaner

One of the common questions asked by potential buyers of coffee grinders – whether it’s a burr or a blade type – is this: Is it easy to clean? While many of these grinders are indeed hassle-free when it comes to cleanup, we can’t say the same thing with the others.

Cleaning grinders can be as easy as a quick brush-up on the blades, or it can require a cleaning tablet. For the purpose of this post, we’re giving you the best coffee grinder cleaner available online today.

Why get these tablets? The main advantage is that you can clean your grinder without having to disassemble anything, which can save you time and effort.

That said, are you ready to clean your grinder? Check out these top picks.

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Best Coffee Grinder Cleaner Top Pick: Urnex Grindz (17-G01-UX430)

As advertised, the Urnex Grindz is ideal for standalone coffee grinders. How does it work? Simply substitute these cleaning tablets into the bean hopper, and then turn on your grinder. It’s that simple.

No need to worry because these grinder cleaning tablets are gluten-free, food-safe, and all-natural. How much does one bottle of Grindz weigh? According to the label, it’s 430 grams.

Urnex Full Circle Grinder Cleaner (19-G01-FC215)

Here’s another product from Urnex – the Full Circle.

How does it differ with the Grindz? They’ve actually very similar, but the brand has put more emphasis on the Full Circle’s environmental-friendly image by attaching it as a “Green” product. They are, therefore, both efficient, all-natural, and completely food-safe.

This particular product is 215 grams.

Do these products work? Yes, according to consumer feedback.

One person said that cleaning with these Urnex cleaning tablets has made her coffee drinks “more flavorful.” Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that these are really effective in cleaning coffee residue and oils that can negatively impact the quality of your coffee beans.