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What are the Best Coffee Makers with Burr Grinders?

Best Coffee Makers with Burr Grinders

On the market for the best coffee makers with burr grinders? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we give you the result of our research. We’ve scoured a popular online retailer for consumer feedback, rating, and comments to find the best product for you.

On our trip to this e-retailer, we’ve noticed that unfortunately, there are NOT a lot of top-rated products even though there seems to be several coffee makers with burr grinders.

Top picks are the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine and the KRUPS EA8250001 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. Both machines are equipped with a built-in grinder and other impressive features.

Best Coffee Makers with Burr Grinders Pick 1: Breville BES870XL

This espresso machine comes with three attractive colors that would definitely suit any personalty — stainless steel, cranberry red, and sesame black.

As for the features, it is equipped with a 1600W thermo coil heating system, a 15 bar Italian pump, a purge function, a bean hopper, a removable water tank, and dual wall filters.

Check out all the features of the BES870XL here!

Why do consumers love this product? Here’s a summarized section of its positives.

– easy to use
– gorgeous appearance
– the grinder is a great addition as it makes creating excellent espresso so easy, as one consumer has pointed out
– other impressive features are the steaming wand and the pressure gauge (although one has complained about it)

This machine is not perfect though. It can be messy. As one buyer has said, it makes a great cup but be prepared for a mess. Also, the water tank is located at the bank, which makes it inconvenient if you don’t have a lot of space in your cupboard.

Bottomline is, if you’re not a “hardcore” or “perfectionist” espesso drinker who would want to get the perfect shot for the money, this coffee machine is for you.

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Best Coffee Makers with Burr Grinders Pick 2: KRUPS EA8250001

The Krups EA8250001 has a “patented revolutionary compact thermoblock system” that makes sure that you get hot coffee all throughout.

It also comes with an LCD display that gives you a recipe selection, a removable water tank (plus an empty tank detection system), a large bean hopper, a removable drip tray, a 15-bar high pressure pump, and a water filtration cartridge.

See all the features of the Krups EA825000 here!

Here are some pros and cons of this coffee machine as provided by other consumers themselves.

– all-in-one unit, you don’t need outside water lines
– there is an auto-clean system that cleans after 360 cycles
– quick brew time
– made in France (unlike many machines)
– expensive
– can be noisy
– water dispenser can be a bit small for you

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