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Best Manual Coffee Grinder, Top Picks

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

What’s the best manual coffee grinder? In a little while, we’ll give you our top picks, which is mainly based on how they were received by previous buyers.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of these types of grinders. Here are some advantages of buying a manual grinder compared to an electric model.

One, they’re portable and are usually compact. You don’t batteries or a power source to use them. When you’re traveling or going on camping trips, these manual grinders can be relied upon. Two, many of these grinders are very pretty that they can make an antique decor. That said, when you’re not using them, you can always put them on your cabinet to spice it up.

Now… here are our picks for the best manual coffee grinder.

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Best Manual Coffee Grinder Top Pick: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Why is the JavaPresse coffee grinder on top of this list? Because it has outsold the competition, and yet, it has been consistently given positive feedback from previous buyers.

Note that there are plenty of lookalikes, but this grinder managed to stand out.

Weighing only 7.2 ounces, this elongated stainless steel grinder is the perfect travel buddy especially for coffee lovers. It comes with a built-in adjustable grind setting that gives you over 15 options so that you can prepare for a wide variety of coffee beverages, from espresso to French press. You can easily disassemble the parts and carry them with you when you travel.

Runner-Up: Hario Skerton

If you’re looking for a non-China made product, then know that the Hario Skerton is made in Japan. As advertised, “Hario” means “King of Glass,” so expect that this manual grinder’s glass parts are heat-resistant. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

Although it’s not as portable as the JavaPresse, the Skerton is still portable relative to other brands or models. It’s small, and it does give you consistent and even grounds. Expect ceramic conical burrs, a nonslip rubber base, and an ergonomically designed crank handle that can easily be detached.

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