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Best Mini Espresso Maker, Top 3 Picks

Best Mini Espresso Maker

You can call them “handpresso,” “minipresso” or “handheld espresso machines.” Sure, but why do you need the best mini espresso maker? Do they even work?

Here’s our answer to the first question. A minispresso is a portable coffee making device that you can take anywhere, so it’s a useful tool to quench your thirst for an espresso even when you’re outside camping. It doesn’t weigh as much as an ordinary espresso machine, so you can slide it into your backpack with ease.

To answer the second question, yes, these handpressos do work. To create a true espresso shot, you need at least 9 bars of pressure. You’d be surprised to know that the mini espresso makers on this list is equipped to give you that.

Now, here’s our top picks for the best mini espresso maker.

Best Mini Espresso Maker Top Pick: CISNO Electric Portable Espresso Machine

The Cisno espresso machine has basically all the things you want in a portable minispresso. What are these things? Let’s list them here.

One, it has a sleek exterior. From its glossy black color up to its capsule-shape design, there’s no denying that appearance-wise, this coffee machine looks really cool.

Second, it comes with an intuitive operation. Preparing espresso when you’re out in the woods doesn’t need a lot of steps or extras. With the Cisno, all you have to do is to pour water, lock in your capsule, and press a button. Then, wait until it finishes doing its job.

Does it produce at least 9 bars of pressure? Yes, it does. In fact, it’s advertised to produce 15 bars and give you up to 1.4 ounces of espresso at a time. It’s also comptable with Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

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Barsetto Italy BAH001-B Espresso Coffee Machine

One good thing about the Barsetto Italy BAH001-B portable espresso maker is that it comes with a coffee cup. So if you want to drink your espresso from a legit coffee cup, then this machine is definitely for you.

Unlike other minispressos, the Barsetto BAH001-B is not an automatic machine. Nope, it’s not a one-touch operation. Instead, it’s a hand-press machine, so to get that 15 bars of pressure, you’ll have to make an effort in pressing the bar down.

Wacaco Nanopresso

The Wacaco Nanopresso is short but powerful. In fact, as advertised, it can deliver up to 18 bars of pressure, which is more than the required 9-bar requirement to produce one true shot of espresso. With a weight of only 336 grams, plus a height of 6.14 inches, this mini espresso machine should be easy to travel with.