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Best Portable Espresso Maker, Our Top Picks

Best Portable Espresso Maker

Are you one of those coffee lovers who can’t live without espresso? If you’re going on a hiking or backpacking trip, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to survive without your beloved coffee drink. But wonder no more because there are portable espresso makers that would easily fit inside your backpack.

Batteries and electricity are not required to operate these coffee making devices. You’ll need to produce the required pressure yourself through a few pumps. The resulting espresso shots may not be as good as those made by a larger espresso machine, but it will get you through your craving.

What is the best portable espresso maker available online? There are several brands, but not all of them are given positive ratings by consumers. Here’s our list.

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Best Portable Espresso Maker Pick #1: MiniPresso GR

As a small, lightweight coffee-making machine, expect that the resulting espresso drink is only a single shot of up to 50 ml. Is it really espresso? From the manufacturers, the MiniPresso GR mini device can pump hot water to 8 bars of pressure.

What do consumers say about their unit? First, it’s very easy to travel with. As for the resulting espresso shots, it’s comparable with the ones prepared by a bigger machine. One person described the results to be “consistent,” and for an inexpensive device, the espressos have an “impressive taste.”

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Best Portable Espresso Maker Pick #2: STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker

As advertised, the Staresso Espresso Maker is a Red Dot Award 2016 Winner. How does this 460-gram device work? It doesn’t require electricity or the use of batteries, so to produce espresso shots (and make espresso-based drinks), you need to do the pumping yourself to build up pressure.

How is the resulting drink? As one person has said, “taste-wise, it’s not bad.” It can’t be compared with what you’ll get with an espresso machine such as a De’Longhi, but you’d prefer this device because of its portability.

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Best Portable Espresso Maker Pick #3: Litchi Espresso Maker

As advertised, the Litchi Espresso Maker can make two shots of espresso with just a few pumpts. Weighing only 13.1 ounces, it easily fits inside a backpacking or hiking backpack.

How does the resulting shot taste? According to consumers, the crema is “comparable to most espresso pod machines,” but just like any other device, the resulting brew’s taste also depends on several other factors such as the freshness of the grounds.

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