Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids, Top Picks

Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids

Kids love to role play and play house, so if you gift them with a toy appliance – whether wrapped individually or comes in a set – the expression on their face upon receiving it is priceless.

Other than entertainment, why give a child one of these toys? One of the reasons is for them to encourage the development of hand-to-eye-coordination.

Here, we’re giving you our list of the best toy coffee maker for kids. Some of them are realistic, while some come in a set. Whatever you choose, it mimics what you see on your countertop.

Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids Pick #1: Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Coffee Machine

This true-to-life toy comes with a carafe, a fillable water tank, 2 cups, spoons, and saucers. It’s more than 7 inches tall, and weighs only 15.7 pounds. If you put this toy side by side with a Black and Decker coffee maker, you’d almost be fooled.

Just one advice. Based on feedback from previous buyers, do not let your son or daughter fill the carafe full as it will overflow.

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Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids Pick #2: Hape Kid’s Coffee Maker

This toy coffee maker is ideal for parents looking for a non-plastic toy. Made of wood, this kitchen set features a coffee maker, cup, creamer and sugar. As advertised, it’s made of non-toxic materials, which should be safe.

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Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids Pick #3: Melissa & Doug 11-Piece Brew and Serve Wooden Coffee Maker Set

Another toy coffee maker made of wood, this set has some “features” that you’d find in a real coffee machine. For instance, it has a knob that allows your child to choose a cup size, and it comes with a reusable menu card that lets your child practice his barista skills.

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Best Toy Coffee Maker for Kids Pick #4: PlayGo Coffee Machine Playhouse

Here’s a toy that mimics an espresso machine. It has lots of buttons to press, which as you know is a hit among children. With those buttons are sound effects. This toy coffee maker includes pretend beans, coffee cup, and foam disk. Also included are milk, sugar, and coffee.

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