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Bodum Bistro 11160 Review, Should You Get This Grinder?

Bodum Bistro 11160 Review

Bodum Bistro 11160 review… It weighs only 1.75 pounds, and whatever color you choose – from black to copper – sits beautifully on your kitchen countertop. But aside from the appearance, does this blade grinder deliver its promises? Is it a reliable grinder? Only previous buyers can say.

Here, we’ve summarized the pros and cons, and other consumer feedback on the Bodum Bistro 11160 grinder. These bits of info should help you decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Key Features of the 11160

The Bistro 11160 comes in a variety of beautiful colors, which explains the alphanumeric suffix to the “11160” model number.

For example, the 11160-01US-3 is the black version.

As advertised, the Bodum Bistro 11160 weighs 1.75 lbs., and it measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 in. It’s therefore compact and lightweight that space shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are three key features of the Bodum 11160 to take note of.

One, it comes with a transparent lid so that you can monitor the beans. It’s a useful feature in case you want to decrease or increase the grinding time without having to take off the lid.

Two, it comes with a stainless steel cutting blade that is run by a powerful 150w motor.

Three, it’s a one-touch operation. You can create enough coffee grounds to make 8 cups of coffee. Let’s also mention that there’s a cord storage located in the base.

Refer to the image on the right for a cross-sectional image of the Bodum Bistro 11160.

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Consistency of the Grounds

One of the main criteria that you’d look for in a grinder is the consistency of the size of the resulting coffee grounds. With the Bodum Bistro 11160, does it produce consistent results?

It can get the work done, but there may be a learning curve because it doesn’t have a grind setting option. You may have to play around with the size that you want especially during the first few uses before you can perfect grinding with it.

Other Good Comments

  • Several people have mentioned that this grinder is easy to clean, even though the blades are fixed.
  • Another, this grinder looks good.
  • Because it’s a one-touch operation, it’s easy to use.

Limitations and Disadvantages

The Bodum Bistro 11160 has its share of issues and complaints. Here are the most frequently mentioned limitations of the product.

  • One, it doesn’t have a grind setting to choose from. If you want to vary the size of the coffee grounds, you need to hold down the top for a longer or shorter time depending on your needs.
  • Two, it doesn’t seem to last very long. Several people have complained that their unit died on them after only less than a year of usage. Some took only a few months.
  • Some people have observed that it can make a little bit of a mess when removing the lid.

Final Word: Bodum Bistro 11160 Review

Let’s end this Bodum Bistro 11160 review with this recommendation. Here are some notes.

The Bistro 11160 is for people who live alone. It works great for a single cup of coffee in the morning. It’s easy and quick to use. Maintenance is also a breeze.

Should you get one for yourself?

We say purchase the Bodum Bistro 11160 with reservations. There are some complaints that are hard to ignore. For instance, several people say their unit died on them only after several (or a few) months.