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Bodum Bistro 11160 vs 10903: What’s the Difference?

Bodum Bistro 11160 vs 10903

One of the most attractive coffee grinders on the market today is the Bistro line from Bodum. At first glance, you might instantly dismiss it as “retro” or “vintage,” but if you look again, it’s actually “modernized retro,” if there exists such thing.

But you get what we mean, right? The colors are an easy giveaway.

There are two Bistro’s offered by the brand so far – the Bistro 11160 and the Bistro 10903. Which of these electric grinders should you get? First, it pays to know their differences, and in this Bodum Bistro 11160 vs 10903 comparison report, we give you a comparison report.

Blade vs Burr

One of the most important differences between these two grinders is their grinding mechanism. The Bodum Bistro 11160 is an electric blade grinder, and the Bodum Bistro 10903 is a burr grinder.

Which one’s better? The short answer: Burrs.

There are two reasons why burr grinders trump blades. One, they give you consistent and uniform-sized grinds. Two, there’s not too much heat produce during the grinding process, so the flavor of the beans are intact. The disadvantage of burr grinders, however, is that they’re relatively slower.

On the other hand, blades grind beans much faster. The problem with these grinders, however, is that they don’t produce consistent grinds, which result to a less superior cup of coffee.

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As advertised, the Bistro 11160 measures 4.25 x 4.13 x 9.13 inches while the Bistro 10903 measures 13.6 x 8 x 7.3 inches. As you can see, the 10903 is taller and bigger than the 11160.

That said, if you have limited counter space, size is definitely something you’d like to consider.


The Bistro 11160 is a one-push operation. It’s that simple. If doesn’t start unless you push down the top, and it doesn’t stop unless you release it.

The Bistro 10903, on the other hand, has a timer/quantity button that allows you to set your desired quantity and grinding time.

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Bean Capacity

As stated in the manual, the Bistro 11160’s hopper can contain up to 60 grams. The Bistro 10903 can contain more. According to the manual, you can fill the hopper with up to 220 grams.

Grind Settings

Another advantage of the Bodum Bistro 10903 is that you can control and set the grind size to your preference. You can do this by twisting the bean container. Choose among three options: find, medium, and coarse grinds.

Unfortunately, the only way to control the grind size with the Bistro 11160 is by varying how long you push down its button. Shorter grinding time should yield coarser results.

Our Recommendation: Bodum Bistro 11160 vs 10903

Let’s end this Bodum Bistro 11160 vs 10903 comparison report with this recommendation.

Based on the abovementioned differences, it’s obvious that the Bodum Bistro 10903 is better when it comes to features. You can have more control of it, and it yields more uniform-sized coffee grinds.

That said, get the Bistro 10903.