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Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM Coffee Grinder

Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM Coffee Grinder

The importance of fresh coffee grounds cannot be overly emphasized. If you want the best-tasting coffee, make an effort to roast and grind your beans right before fixing yourself a concoction.

Thankfully, with the electric grinders and roasters readily available online, “effort” in this sense is not confined to spending a long time to mechanically twisting and turning knobs just like in the old days. In fact, with these appliances, all you have to do is press a button and watch.

Now… let’s compare two electric grinders from the same brand: the Chefman RJ44-A2 against the RJ44-SQ-AM. What are their differences? Find out in this Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM coffee grinder comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM Coffee Grinder

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Chefman Coffee Grinder
Model Check Price » Chefman RJ44-A2 Check Price » Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM
Type Burr Blade
Weight 2.85 pounds 2 pounds
Grinding Options 17 settings
Cup Selector 2 to 12 cups
Bean Hopper Capacity up to 8 oz. up to 2.5 oz.
Extras Removable burr cover, cleaning brush
Wattage 110 W 250 W
Start/Stop Button

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart. Now, let’s talk about these grinders’ key differences.

Burr vs Blades

This is one important difference between these grinders. The Chefman RJ44-A2 is a burr mill system, and the Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM uses blades.

Why does this matter?

According to online sources, burr grinders are, in general, better than their blade counterparts. Burrs avoid overheating, which can affect and damage the quality of the beans, and therefore the resulting coffee beverage.

They’re also preferred because they produce grounds that are consistent in size.

On the other hand, blades work faster than burr grinders. They’re quicker and get the job done in just a few seconds. If you hate waiting, blade grinders are something you really want to consider.

Grinding Operation and Grinding Options

Another important difference to take note of is these products’ grinding system.

The Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM adopts a press-and-hold system. Meaning, you’ll have to hold down the start button until you’re sure that the grounds suit your preferences. Meaning, as long as you keep holding down the start button, the unit won’t stop grinding. Refer to the image on the right for your reference.

On the other hand, the Chefman RJ44-A2 is a one-touch operation. The moment you press the Start button, that’s the end of your job. When the machine is done, or when it reaches the required time, it automatically stops.

Aside from their difference in how they grind, these products also differ in grinding options.

With the Chefman RJ44-A2, you can choose among 17 grind settings. The Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM, however, is devoid of grind options.

Weight and Bean Hopper Capacity

The weight difference between these two grinders are not that big. But between the two, which one is heavier?

According to the data we’ve collected, it’s the Chefman RJ44-A2. It weighs 2.85 pounds, which is about 1 pound heavier than the Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM, which weighs only 2 pounds.

Which grinder has a bigger bean compartment?

When it comes to bean hopper capacity, the Chefman RJ44-A2 can accommodate up to 8 ounces of roasted beans. The Chefman RJ44-SQ-AM pales in comparison. Its hopper can fill up to 2.5 ounces of beans.

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Our Final Word: Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM Coffee Grinder

Let’s end this Chefman RJ44-A2 vs RJ44-SQ-AM with our recommendation.

Get the Chefman RJ44-A2. Not only does it use burrs, but it also has more features and functionalities to ensure that your grounds suit your preference.

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