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Cuisinart CBC-6400PC vs DCC-3200: What’s the Difference?

Cuisinart CBC-6400PC vs DCC-3200

Cuisinart CBC-6400PC vs DCC-3200… which of these 14-cup programmable coffeemakers is the better one for you? To rephrase that, which one has better features? Is there really a difference? To answer these question, it pays to make a side-by-side comparison.

That said, let’s get right to it.

Comparison Chart: Cuisinart CBC-6400PC vs DCC-3200

Model Check Price » Cuisinart CBC-6400PC Check Price » Cuisinart DCC-3200
Other Name Brew Central PerfecTemp
Water Reservoir with Water Level Indicator
Charcoal Water Filter Holder
Charcoal Water Filter
Gold-Tone Commercial-Style Filter
Brew Pause
14-Cup Glass Carafe
60-Second Reset
Measuring Scoop
Ready Tone Button
Blue Backlit Display
Hour and Minute Buttons
Carafe Temperature Button
Clean Button
Bold Flavor Strength Button
Brew/Off & Auto Button
Prog/Auto On Button
1-4 Cup Button

Key Difference: Control Panel

You’ve seen the comparison chart above. When it comes to features, both the Cuisinart CBC-6400PC and the Cuisinart DCC-3200 offer the same functionalities.

They both have a 24-hour timer, they’re both equipped with a 14-cup glass carafe, and their water reservoirs both have a water level indicator. They also come with a gold-tone commercial style filter that you can reuse over and over.

So what’s their difference?

It’s just the look of their control panel. While both have a digital display, it’s the buttons that are different. Take a look at the images below.

That said, which of these Cuisinarts should you choose? It’s not really a tough choice, is it? It’s just your preference as to which control panel looks (or feels) better.

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Compare the Control Panel of the CBC-6400PC and the DCC-3200