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Gourmia GCM6850 Review, Should You Get One?

Gourmia GCM6850 Review

As advertised, it takes only 4 minutes to prepare a delicious cold coffee beverage with the Gourmia GCM6850. It’s fast, no doubt, but speed is one of several aspects you’d like to look into when purchasing a cold-brew coffee maker.

In this Gourmia GCM6850 review, we give you more information about this product. Ultimately, we go back to the question “Should you get one?” and help you come up with a decision.

Key Features of the Gourmia GCM6850

Here are the key features of the Gourmia GCM6850.

Why Cold Brew?

One, it takes at least 4 minutes for one brewing cycle, depending on the strength you’re going for. It’s that fast, so if you hate waiting, this is it for you.

Second, as advertised, a cold brewer yields a smoother beverage. Compared with hot brews, the resulting cold brew is 67% less acidic. It’s also richer and has a more full-bodied taste.

Third, it’s easy to use. Water is poured into the pitcher, followed by your favorite brand of ground coffee beans into the coffee basket. When the lid is secured, all you have to do is to push a button, and wait until the cold brew coffee maker has done its job.

Different Brew Strengths

Some like their coffee light, and some like it bold and strong. With the Gourmia GCM6850, you can achieve the type of coffee beverage you like by simply varying the time of brewing.

Here’s a guide.

  • Light brew: 4 minutes
  • Medium brew: 6 minutes
  • Bold brew: 8 minutes
  • Concentrated: 10 minutes

Other Features and Technical Specs

Here are other tidbits of information about the Gourmia GCM6850 that you might be interested in.

  • Touch-control panel.
  • Weight: 4.15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 8.25 x 7.25 x 10.5 inches
  • Makes 24 ounces of coffee

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Consumer Feedback

In this section of our Gourmia GCM6850 review, we give you what previous buyers have said about their unit. What are its pros and cons? Here’s a summary of what we found out about the product.

Pros and Cons

Ease of Use

Let’s first talk about its ease of use. The general consensus is that this product is easy to use. Even on the first try, you shouldn’t find it complicated to operate it and produce great-tasting cold coffee beverages.


Second, the Gourmia GCM6850 has a small footprint. One person is happy that it doesn’t “overcrowd” his counter. That said, this cold brew coffee maker is ideal for people who are looking for a space-saving appliance.

Brewing Time

This brewer doesn’t waste any of your time. Aside from the fact that it’s space-saving, it’s also a time saver. One person is happy that this coffee machine is unlike a typical brewer that takes at least 12 minutes to finish a brewing cycle. That means you’re spared of a long wait.

Other Comments

  • It has a sleek design.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It’s easy to assemble.


  • Does it make cold tea drinks? According to a seller, making tea with the Gourmia GCM6850 is not recommended.
  • It’s made in China, which may be a turn-off to some buyers.
  • Several people have complained that it’s not as durable as they’d want it to be. Their unit died on them after only a few months.

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Our Recommendation: Gourmia GCM6850 Review

Let’s end this Gourmia GCM6850 review right. Should you get one? Here’s what we have to say.

The Gourmia GCM6850 has received a generally positive feedback from previous buyers. When it works, it’s a space-saving and time-saving coffee machine. Get this if you want to cool off during hot summer days.

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