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Gourmia GCM7000 Espresso Machine Review

Gourmia GCM7000 Espresso Machine Review

If you love your coffee capsules, you know very well that the main problem with them is compatibility. Most brands of coffee machines would prefer to stick to the capsules they produce, so either you purchase an extra coffee maker, or you stick to only one brand (i.e., K-cups and Keurig only).

But thanks to capsule coffee machines such as the Gourmia GCM7000, this compatibility issue is a thing of the past. Because it has a wide capsule compatibility, you can enjoy a wide variety of singe-serve espresso capsules anytime you want.

The question is… does the GCM7000 truly work? What are its pros and cons? Find out in this Gourmia GCM7000 espresso machine review.

Key Features of the Gourmia GCM7000

Here are the key features of the Gourmia GCM7000W capsule coffee machine.

Wide Capsule Compatibility

From Nespresso and Dolce Gusto to Verismo and Cafissimo espresso capsules, you don’t have to worry whether or not your favorite coffee capsule brand fits this machine.

How is this possible?

The Gourmia GCM7000 comes with 4 adapters that you can easily slip in and out depending on the capsule of your choice. There’s even an adapter dedicated for your own fresh grounds!


Expect a one-touch operation. The control panel is a no-fuss and no-frills panel. It has three main buttons: on/off, short cup, and long cup button.

Note that this capsule coffee machine allows you to change the temperature setting. There are 6 more temperature settings to choose from. To decrease or increase the temperature, use the Short Cup button or Long Cup button following the instructions in the user manual.

That said, operation is simple and easy. Upon inserting the capsule, the next and final step is to choose and press the cup size of your choice (short or long). Then, all you have to do is to wait for the Gourmia GCM7000 to do the rest.

Parts of the Machine

Here are the main parts to expect: a water tank, a drip tray, a drawer storage compartment, a drawer, and the control panel.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight:
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • 1.0-liter water tank
  • 19 bars of pressure

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Consumer Feedback

How did the Gourmia GCM7000 fare among previous buyers? We went through the comments section of a popular online retailer. In summarized form, this is what we found out about the product.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons.

  • It’s easy to use. Cleaning is equally easy.
  • It has a small footprint, so you don’t have to worry about space. Aside from that, it sits nicely on your counter because according to some buyers, it looks nice. And since it has a small size, you can also take it with you in the office.
  • There have been a few complaints regarding “drips” and “leaks.”


Here are some things to bear in mind.

  • The Gourmia GCM7000 is an espresso machine. It’s not designed to make a cup of brewed coffee. That said, it’s best to have a, espresso cup, not a regular mug.
  • Although this machine has 4 adapters to allow you to fit a variety of capsules, still, there are brands that are not compatible. An example is the Lavazza capsule.

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Our Recommendation: Gourmia GCM7000 Espresso Machine Review

Should you get one? To end this Gourmia GCM7000 espresso machine review, here’s our recommendation.

Purchase it with reservations. The Gourmia GCM7000 has its share of issues such as leakage, but when it works, it’s quick and delivers its promised results. It’s also easy to use, and it’s a space-saving unit.

Alternatives to the Gourmia GCM7000 Capsule Coffee Machine

Here are other options to consider..