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Hario CMHN-4 Review, “Canister” Ceramic Manual Grinder

Hario CMHN-4 Review

Hario is popular for making coffee-preparation utensils. This Japan-based company has produced a wide catalogue of products such as drip kettles, brew coffee pots, and ceramic coffee mills such as the Hario “Canister” Ceramic Coffee Mill (CMHN-4).

The Hario CMHN-4 makes 120g, it comes in a copper color so it looks like an old-fashioned coffee mill, and it’s imported from Japan. In this Hario CMHN-4 review, we examine this coffee mill and tell you if it’s worth it. Our recommendation is based on consumer feedback given on a popular online retailer.

What You Should Know About the Hario CMHN-4

Is this manual grinder heavy?

This weighs 2 pounds. It’s very lightweight, and it either stores away easily or it sits nicely on your countertop. Note that because it has an “antique” look, it can also serve as a cute decor.

Unlike other older version, the Hario CMHN-4 doesn’t have a slip rubber cover at the bottom. It should’ve been nice to have one because it’s not permanent anyway. When you want to use it, you put it on.

It can make 120 grams of ground coffee, which is perfect for single household.

This is mostly made of glass and metal. The only plastic part is the top of the cup. The lid gasket is also made of rubber.

It comes with an adjustable hand crank. This is done to give you a huge range of brewing methods.

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Pros and Cons of the Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder

This section summarizes the pros and cons of the CMHN-4.


  • Easy to adjust for different coarseness / grind
  • Assembly is very easy. It shouldn’t take you very long.
  • The Hario CMHN-4 is a beautiful coffee grinder. When not in use, it makes a good display or antique decor.
  • The flavor of coffee is richer because there are no blades involved, and the grinding process is done through burrs made of ceramic.
  • Since it’s lightweight and non-electric, you can take it anywhere with you. For instance, if you’re going on a camping trip, this grinder should be reliable.
  • Can you change the grin size? Yes, and this is possible because the hand crank is adjustable.
  • There is also a cork that basically seals everything, thereby keeping your coffee grounds as fresh as possible before usage.


  • The canister is made of glass, so it can be fragile.
  • As a manual coffee grinder, the grinding process can take a much longer time compared to using an electric one.
  • There is a bit of wobble and bit of associated fumbling.

Hario CMHN-4 Review: Should You Give The CMHN-4 a Go?

Let’s end this Hario CMHN-4 review with this recommendation.

If you love grinding your coffee beans yourself while enjoying the aroma of slowly ground beans, then the Hario CMHN-4 is a great way of preparing your coffee every morning. Get the Hario CMHN-4 here…