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Kuissential Manual Coffee Burr Grinder Review (CUCRGDR)

Kuissential Manual Coffee Burr Grinder Review

Kuissential manual coffee burr grinder review … In one of our posts, we reviewed the Porlex JP-30, a stainless steel coffee grinder with ceramic burrs made in Osaka, Japan. Now, we’re going to review another manual grinder with ceramic burrs, and it’s from Kuissential with item number CUCRGDR. Kuissential started in 2011, so it makes it a relatively new company.

But since we’re more interested about their burr coffee grinder, let’s take a look at this hand-crank grinder in hopes of answering one simple question, and that is “Is this worth it?”

What You Need to Know About the Kuissential CUCRGDR

When you unbox the package of the Kuissential burr coffee grinder, expect to find a cute hand-crank grinder.

It has two main parts: a black hopper or a bean holder, and a glass storage container. The glass container has a non-slip base.

According to the manufacturer, the glass container acts as a leftover container in case you haven’t used up all your coffee grounds.

You can use this to achieve different kinds of grind size, from fine espresso up to coarse French press.

The hopper is made of plastic. The top is fairly thick with rounded contours.

This is made in China.

Some people have trouble adjusting the grind size. Here’s a guide as provided by one consumer. To adjust the grind size, remove the top screw, handle, and grind lock, then turn the washer clockwise for a finer grind and counter-clockwise for a larger grind.

Consumer Feedback: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Kuissential manual ceramic burr coffee grinder as summarized from consumer feedback.


– Easy to clean
– This is ideal for users who love their French Press. It doesn’t take that much time to produce consistent French Press grind.
– The glass container is durable, static-free, and heavy. Therefore, it doesn’t buckle when you grind. Plus, you’re sure to have a mess-free operation.


– Some consumers noted the striking similarity between this coffee grinder with the Hario Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton. Some say that this is slower than the Hario.
– Just like any manual grinder, some users have said that this can be hard to turn or that it takes too long.
– Some of the complaints include the following: consistency (not that consistent), challenging to use, and slowness of grinding (especially on the finer settings).
– It doesn’t have a top that serves to hold the beans in place. Some of the beans that are tough to grind can fly out.

Our Recommendation: Kuissential Manual Coffee Burr Grinder Review (CUCRGDR)

Should you buy this manual ceramic burr coffee grinder? Let’s end this Kuissential manual coffee burr grinder review with our recommendation.

Based on the consumer feedback, the Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder is ideal for people who love their French Press coffee every morning. On the negative side, expect that it may be challenging to use especially for finer grind settings.