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Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder Review

Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder Review

Mueller Austria – not to be confused with Muller, a chain of retail stores headquartered in Germany – boasts lines of kitchen tools that have probably found themselves in your kitchen. One of these is the HyperGrind, a blade grinder that can grind both coffee beans and spices.

Should you consider getting one for yourself, or should you just stick with these top-picked manual grinders. Find out in this Mueller HyperGrind precision electric coffee grinder review.

Key Features: Mueller HyperGrind

Here are the top features to expect.

Blade Grinder. As you may already know, burr grinders such as the Coffee Gator hold the advantage of giving you uniform-sized grounds. But in contrast, blade grinders such as the HyperGrind has the advantage of doing the job quick and easy. One push of a button is all it takes to give you what you need.

Size and Weight. As advertised, the Mueller HyperGrind weighs 1.4 pounds. When it comes product dimensions, this product measures 7.8 x 4.5 x 4.2 inches.

One-Press Button. Grinding your beans and spices is easily done. All it takes is one push or press of a button. Note that there is no function to control the coarseness of the grounds, but to come up with difference grind levels, push the button at either longer for find grounds or at a shorter time for a much coarser result.

Coffee Beans and Spices. If you’re looking for multi-functional grinders, then the HyperGrind is one of them.

Country of Origin. This is made in China.

Capacity. There is no information as regards to how much beans or spices you can grind at a time, but according to customer feedback, it’s approximately 3 ounces.

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Consumer Feedback

How did the Mueller HyperGrind fare among previous buyers? Here, we give you a summary of what we discovered about the product.

Noise. As a blade grinder, expect this product to be louder than burr grinders. But as one person has observed, it does produce noise but nothing that wakes up everyone in the morning when in operation. Also, several people said that it’s “quieter than most” on the market.

Results. Yes, the Mueller HyperGrind can grind both spices and coffee beans. As promised, it can give you fine to coarse grounds for your espresso and French press concoctions. As for spices, one person said that for 20 seconds, the Mueller HyperGrind turns black pepper into “pretty fine” grounds.

Capacity. As previously mentioned, this can fill up to 3 ounces of beans. Don’t over-fill or overload it, though, because it can spill after turning it over to open.

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Bottomline: Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder Review

The Mueller HyperGrind does what it promises to do. It’s a reliable grinder to turn raw spices and coffee beans into either fine or coarse grounds, depending on your needs. It doesn’t have a grind selector option, but you can push the button longer if you want finer results.