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Ninja Coffee Grinder SP7407 Review

Ninja Coffee Grinder SP7407 Review

Ninja coffee grinder SP7407 review… There’s a reason why many coffee lovers maintain a separate grinder in their kitchen. The fresher the grounds, the better the quality and overall flavor of the resulting brew.

There are two types of grinders: blades and burr mills. According to online sources, the burr type is generally better than blades because of two reasons: consistency of grinds and minimal heat production that may affect the taste of the coffee.

The Ninja SP7407 is classified as a blade grinder.

In this Ninja coffee grinder SP7497 review, we give you more information about the product, including its pros and cons and how it fared among previous buyers.

Should you get one? Read on to find out.

Feature Highlights: Ninja SP7407

Let’s talk about the Ninja SP7407’s key features real quick.

Design-wise, you’ll notice its big similarity with the Secura SP-7415. It also comes with a handsome stainless steel finish with a one-button push control to get started with the grinding operation.

Made in China, the Ninja SP7407 is a lightweight countertop grinder, weighing only 1.95 pounds. As advertised, it stands 18 cm. (or 7.2 inches).

That said, this compact appliance should not be a problem when it comes to storage or finding a space for it on your kitchen top.

What else does it offer?

It comes with a 3-foot power cord, and it can grind up to 60 grams of roasted beans at one time. The top is made of clear plastic to allow you to see when the beans are ground.

Also, expect that the blades are made of stainless steel materials. According to a seller, the blades are fixed. That said, even if you want to clean it, you can’t take them out and put in a dishwasher.

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Grinding Performance

Does it grind coffee beans well?

While not all people agree, the general feedback is that the Ninja SP7407 is indeed efficient in grinding beans according to your ground size preference.

You may find this contradictory because it doesn’t come with grind settings, but apparently, there’s a way around it. Be consistent with the number of seconds you’d spend pushing down the button. For instance, if you want fine grinds, then hold down the button for 30 seconds or so.

Does it grind fast? Yes, it does.

Multiple Uses

One of the common questions asked by potential buyers is “can the Ninja SP7404 also be used to grind spices and other non-coffee products?”

Here’s the answer.

In general, this grinder is designed for coffee beans. But several consumers say they’ve successfully used this machine to grind non-coffee products such as spices, flax seeds, oats, quinoa, tea leaves, and sugar.

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Because it’s a blade grinder, the Ninja SP7407 is expected to be noisier than a burr mill. But how much noise does it produce?

One person managed to give this sensible observation: it’s not louder than a food processor, but it’s not quieter than a blender. Another person chimed in saying that the grinding process doesn’t take minutes anyway, so the noise should be a one-time thing.

Limitations of the Product

This isn’t a perfect grinder. In fact, there are features that you are probably used to that this grinder lacks.

  • For instance, don’t expect it to come with grind settings. It only has one push-button, which activates the grinding process or turns it off. That said, if you want finer grounds, then you’ll have to hold the button down for quite a longer time.
  • That said, this grinder doesn’t have an auto shut-off system. It stops grinding the moment you release the button.
  • Nope, the cord isn’t retractable. Also, there’s no cord wrap for storage.
  • Some people say that this grinder is difficult to clean because of the fixed blades.
  • Note that this grinder has a 60-gram capacity, so you might find it too small for your needs.
  • Some people have complained that their unit died on them after only a few uses or only after several months.

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Our Recommendation: Ninja Coffee Grinder SP7407 Review

So… should you get one of these blade grinders? Let’s end this Ninja Coffee Grinder SP7407 review with our recommendation.

Although it doesn’t come with grind settings, the SP7407 manages to grind according to the size of your preference. It’s also fast and space-saving. That said, if you want a fast and reliable blade grinder, then get the Ninja SP7407. But take note that it has a 60-gram capacity. If you find it to be too small, then it’s best that you consider another grinder.