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Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster Review (NV-1CHR)

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster Review

The Nuvo NV-1CHR coffee roaster is made in South Korea, so for those who are looking for a non-China made appliance, this is something that you’d definitely want to look into.

But as you may already know, this coffee roaster is unlike any other. It’s not powered by batteries or electricity, it has a weird shape, and yes, you have to exert much effort into the roasting process using this coffee roaster.

Now… should you get one?

To help you with the answer, let’s talk about this product more in this Nuvo Eco ceramic coffee roaster review. This report includes its key features, plus its pros and cons given by previous buyers.

Key Features of the NV-1CHR

Here’s what to expect.


First, let’s talk about the design of he Nuvo Eco NV-1CHR. At first glance, it looks like a pot, only that it’s mostly enclosed. There are two holes – one serves as the opening (or where you put in your green beans), and the other functions as the “door out.”

Nuvo describes the NV-1CHR as having a waffle-shaped internal structure. The handle is wrapped with a genuine cowhide.

Note that this coffee bean roaster is made of ceramic, and it’s non-electric or battery-operated. It’s a manual roaster that requires you to put it on top of a flame.

Portable and Low Maintenance

As advertised, this produce has a length of 24.3 cm (or 9.57 inches) and a diameter of 13.2 cm (or 5.20 inches). It weighs 370 grams, which makes it lightweight and small enough to take it with you when you travel.

And since it’s a no-frills manual coffee roaster, maintenance should be simple and easy.

Up to 70 g. of Beans

This coffee roaster is ideal for a 1-2 household. On its sales page, the company recommends that you roast up to 70 grams of beans at a time.

To roast these beans, you have to put the roaster over a flame and swirl it until you reach the roast profile that you want.

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VIDEO: How the Nuvo Ceramic Coffee Roaster Works

This video explains and demonstrates how the NV-1CHR works.

Consumer Feedback

In this section of our Nuvo Eco ceramic coffee roaster review, we give you what previous buyers say about their unit.


Does it produce smoke?

Definitely, but the amount depends on the type of roast profile you’re trying to achieve. The darker the roast, the more smoke you should expect from the resulting roasted beans.

That said, if you’re worried about accidentally activating the smoke alarm, or making the room reek of too much coffee smell, do the roasting process outside.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is one of the advantages of the Nuvo NV-1CHR. Since it’s made of ceramic, you don’t have to clean it. As one person has said, you just have to “blow air” and then put it away for next use.

Roasting Time

It can take up to 15 minutes, depending on the roast profile you’re going for. That said, swirling for 15 minutes can be tiring, which is one of the disadvantage of this manual roaster.


  • The Nuvo NV-1CHR does not work on an induction cooktop. You’ll need an open flame to successfully roast coffee beans with this roaster.
  • Another limitation is that unlike with an electric coffee roaster, you can’t control the roasting temperature other than adjusting the flame of your gas stove.
  • You may find that this roaster is a bit small. It can take only up to 70 grams of green beans at a time, and considering that you have to manually swirl it to up to 15 minutes, this is something you may want to consider.
  • You might find that the handle is too short.

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Our Recommendation: Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster Review

Let’s end this Nuvo Eco ceramic coffee roaster review with our recommendation. Should you get one? Here’s our final say.

If you’re willing to put on some work (15 minutes of swirling every roasting cycle), and if you’re willing to commit some time to learn how to roast with the NV-1CHR properly, you’ll get the roast profile you’re going for. Otherwise, this isn’t the coffee roaster for you.

Alternatives to the Nuvo Eco NV-1CHR

Unimpressed with the Nuvo NV-1CHR and want to go for an electric roaster instead? Check out these other options.