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Roasting Coffee Beans at Home Using a Popcorn Popper

Roasting Coffee Beans at Home Using a Popcorn Popper

When coffee roasters fail you, can you turn to popcorn poppers? The short answer: Yes, it’s possible – roasting coffee beans at home using a popcorn popper. t

Although the brands who made these air popcorn poppers won’t agree, there are several people who have proven that these popcorn makers are unconventionally multi-functional.

Let’s take a look at some videos, and learn from the uploaders’ procedures. Also, heed their tips to get that roast profile that you’d want for your coffee beans.

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VIDEO: Roasting Coffee Beans at Home Using a Popcorn Popper

In the video below, the uploader gives us a treat by comparing the results of roasting with a big coffee roaster against roasting with an air popper. After the roasting process, people were given a blind test to see if there’s a difference.

The uploader starts the roasting process by putting 80 grams into the popcorn popper. Immediately, he notices that it’s a messy procedure. He checks the time and first crack happens at approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

When it’s done, his initial assessment is that the roasted beans “taste really dry and not kind of vibrant.”

He then roasted another batch of beans, resports the roast time as “right around 4 minutes,” and he shares the results as follows: uneven roast, which is one of the downfalls of the popcorn popper, but the roasting process is fast.

He then tries the big roaster, and as expected, the results are way better than the ones roasted with the air popper. The uploader describes the coffee from the big roaster as being “much more multi-dimensional.” It has “acidity, sweetness, and there’s depth to the flavor.”

However, he also mentions that the coffee from the popcorn popper is “surprisingly really bright and juicy. It had a lot of acidity, but it’s not complex at all.”

What’s the takeaway? Of course, right from the start, we already knew that roasting with the air popper cannot compete with a San Franciscan. However, at home, if you want a fast and quick roasting process, the popcorn popper is surprisingly a reliable but unconventional coffee roaster.

Watch the whole video below.

Roasting Coffee with a Stovetop Popcorn Popper

In another video, which you can watch video, an uploader has demonstrated that it’s also possible to roast coffee beans using a stovetop popcorn popper.

How does he do it?

He starts by pre-heating the popcorn popper to make sure that the inside reach the following temperature range: 400 to 450 degrees F. This is a crucial procedure because you want the beans to be roasting right away. If the temperature is too low, he says, they bake and not really roast.

As soon as the temperature is right, he tosses the beans in and then immediately starts cranking the popper. He constantly monitors the beans and uses his senses to know if the beans are ready.

Check it out here.