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Secura SCG-903B vs CBG-018 Grinder Comparison

Secura SCG-903B vs CBG-018

Secura SCG-903B vs CBG-018… Looking forward to buying a new Secura coffee grinder? There’s a few models to choose from, so in this report, we compare the SCG-903B against the CBG-018. To know which of these models to choose, first, know the key areas or aspects they differ in.

Comparison Chart: Secura SCG-903B vs CBG-018

Let’s start with this side-by-side comparison chart.

Secura Coffee Grinder
Model Check Price » Secura SCG-903B Check Price » Secura CBG-018
Type Burr Burr
Weight 2.5 pounds 4 pounds
Grind Settings 17 18
Grind Adjustment Mechanism Wheel Rotary bean container
Cup Selector 2 to 12 cups 2 to 10 cups
Bean Hopper Capacity up to 100 grams up to 226 grams (8 ounces)
On/Off Button

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, let’s explain these grinders’ key differences.


The Secura SCG-903B and the Secura CBG-018 are designed differently.

The Secura SCG-903B is a 2-part grinder. You can remove the grounds bin, but the hopper is built-in, hidden in sight. The only thing that you can remove is its lid.

On the other hand, the Secura CBG-018 is a three-part coffee grinder, consisting of a removable grounds compartment, a removable bean hopper, and the grinder base. Unlike with the SCG-903B, the bean hopper of the Secura CBG-018 can be easily seen.

When it comes to cleaning, the Secura CBG-018 has the advantage of being easily cleaned since the hopper and grounds container are both removable.

Which is taller?

It’s the Secura CBG-018, having a height of 11 inches. In comparison, the Secura SCG-903B is 2 inches smaller. It has a height of 9 inches.

Grind Settings, Grinding Mechanism, and Capacity

Another important difference is their grind settings and how you choose these settings to fit your preference.

The Secura SCG-903B allows you to choose among 17 grind settings through a grind adjustment wheel, which is located on the right side of the unit (facing you).

On the other hand, the Secura CBG-018 lets you choose among 18 grind settings by rotating the bean container until you find the option of your choice.

How much coffee beans can the bean hopper accommodate for each grinder?

The Secura CBG-018 has a larger capacity than the Secura SCG-903B. It can fill up to 8 ounces of coffee beans. In comparison, the SCG-903B can accommodate up to 100 grams only.

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Our Final Word: Secura SCG-903B vs CBG-018

Which of these coffee grinder do we recommend? Here’s what we have to say.

Get the Secura CBG-018. It’s easier to clean, it has more grind settings, and it has a larger bean hopper.

Alternatives to These Secura Coffee Grinders

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