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Top Picks: Best Sonifer Coffee Maker

Sonifer Coffee Makers

On its official store on a popular online retailer, Sonifer boasts: New Generation of Appliances. If you’re a fan of this brand, then you’ll definitely agree. And perhaps you’re looking forward to purchasing another Sonifer coffee machine? Then this post is for you.

For those who have yet to know, Sonifer is a Spain-based company, which, according to Bloomberg’s profile of the brand, involves in the “wholesale distribution of appliances, television, and radio sets.”

Here, we’re listing our top picks for the best Sonifer coffee maker available for purchase online.

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6-Cup Best Sonifer Coffee Maker SF3513

This 6-cup / 0.65-liter Sonifer coffee maker is equipped with a swing-type filter holder, which makes usage more convenient and a lot faster. When you need to add a new set of coffee grounds, all you have to do is to swing it to your left — slowly, of course.

Aside from that feature, the SF3513 also comes with an anti-drip valve to prevent any kind of spills, thereby maintaining cleanliness. Note that this coffee maker stands 250 mm in height.

Stainless Steel Mini Turkish Coffee Machine SF3518

Sonifer’s Turkey/Turkish coffee machines come in different sizes, but we’d like to feature the mini version. It’s ideal for people who have limited kitchen countertop space. It’s made of stainless steel, so durability is not a problem. And although it has a small size, it can make 4 to 5 cups of fresh brew.

What’s special about this Sonifer coffee maker? It heats up pretty fast. As advertised, its heating time is only 3 minutes. Product dimensions include the following: 95mm (mouth diameter) x 150mm (height) x 105mm (bottom diameter).

Note also that this electric. To get started, all you have to do is to turn the button on.

Colorful Pod Coffee Maker SF3514

This is also a Turkish coffee maker, but instead of stainless steel, it’s made of colorful plastic. It weighs 470 grams, and it’s very much capable of making 4-5 cups of great-tasting coffee, Turkish style.

You can choose from 4 different colors available: black, white, grey, and red.