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Top Picks: Coolest Looking Coffee Maker

Coolest Looking Coffee Maker

These coffee makers are not your usual brewer. Almost all of these coffee machines don’t have a C-type design thanks to the innovative thinking of the brands that produce them. If you’re looking for something cool or interesting to add to your kitchen countertop, here’s our top picks for the coolest looking coffee maker.

Coolest Looking Coffee Maker Pick #1: Russell Hobbs CM3100RDR Review

Love retro? Then you’ll love the Russell Hobbs CM3100RDR. It’s available in two equally gorgeous colors – red and black. It comes with its own measuring spoon and a removable filter basket.

The most interesting part of this coffee maker is definitely its Coffee Brewing Progress Gauge. It shows the progress of the brewing cycle through the pointer that moves from left to right.

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Coolest Looking Coffee Maker Pick #2: Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus

Aside from the design that looks like an alien ship, the Behmor 5393 has a few unique features that you’ll definitely love.

One, it has programmable temperature settings. You can even set this coffee maker to suit the elevation that you’re at, so it’s also a good high-altitude coffee maker. Two, it has a pre-soaking feature, which allows you to soak your coffee grounds up to 4 minutes before brewing. Third, its showerhead is designed to create turbulence that can fully saturate the coffee grounds.

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Coolest Looking Coffee Maker Pick #3: Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741

One look at the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG741 will take your breath away. It seems well-built, durable, and made to last. What’s unique about this product?

For one, it’s not made in China. According to the brand, it’s handmade in the Netherlands from high-quality and 100% recyclable materials. It also has a copper boiling / heating element that ensures brewing temperature is retained within the 196 to 205 degree Fahrenheit range.

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Coolest Looking Coffee Maker Pick #4: Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo ENV135S

Aside from its sleek appearance, what else is cool about the Vertuo Evoluo? It’s equipped with a patented feature called “Centrifusion Extraction Technology.” What does this do?

As advertised, this technology makes the Vertuo Evoluo a “smart coffee maker.” The capsule you insert into the machine is read and recognized through barcode technology so that the Vertuo Evoluo can adjust to the necessary extraction parameters. The result is precise extraction and an exceptional cup of coffee.

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Coolest Looking Coffee Maker Pick #5: Cisno Electric Portable Espresso Machine

Who would have thought that you can create your own espresso anywhere with the Cisno espresso machine? This mini portable device can deliver 15 bars of pressure, which as you know is more than enough to give you a shot of espresso.

The Cisno is a pill-shaped espresso maker capable of giving you 3 shots of espresso when you use cold water. You can charge it in your car, at your hotel room, or at your friend’s house.

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